Nov 3, 2023Liked by Barry "Bear" Goss

You're doing great Barry! While I miss The Wealth Vault (yup, still call it that, lol) and its format, the value that you have brought for many years now more than makes up for any transition time to get things squared away in another format. I did love the Make, Manage, and Multiply format on the old website, so ultimately I hope you don't reinvent the wheel!

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Jan 13Liked by Barry "Bear" Goss

Idea in principle - a 'private association' small group collective leverage fund . Members can buy in units of money +time ( for example $100-$500 unit min for 3-6 months min) managed by M4/ independent entity for various selected investment groups such as silver, gold, BTC, SOL, ADA, stable coins, and selected crypto including new listings, and new applications, Forex, Trading in ETF's, Bonds. High Risk and Low Risk options. Select two or three best ideas from a hundred possibles. Weekly lottery ticket. No liability. Fun. Total trust in the M4 team. Go 2024-2026 !!!

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