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Until a decision is made as to the direction of M4 Research (possibly to officially be rebranded as Rogue Money Research)….

  • Any and all investment and wealth-building research will be delivered via Barry Goss’ own personal Substack blog, Bear’s Bulletins.

  • You may subscribe there, at no charge. However…

  • All Opportunity Alerts — i.e., notices of timely money-making and unique investment ideas — will only be delivered to his Pro subscribers.

  • If you came to this page as a M4 Platinum (Lifetime) member, please follow the directions below:

For M4 Research members only…

  1. First subscribe to Bear’s Bulletins (BB). Stick with the ‘Free’ subscription prompt.

  2. Next, email us: <support@m4research.com> and let us know you just subscribed.

  3. We will, then, comp you as a paid-up (Pro) subscriber to BB.

That’s it.

For anyone else on this page…

Mr. Bear isn’t going to force your hand to become one of his Pro (premium) BB subscribers.

While there are 6 key benefits for taking that plunge; rest assured, he still has many satisfied regular (Free) readers, who simply just enjoy putting up with him. Why?

- The M4 Research Support Team

P.S. Here is Barry’s latest M4 / RM update: