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In regard to “business opportunities,” specifically, something to think about before you submit one to us:

We’ve received many emails in the past from members telling us they’ve come across a “great opportunity” they think we should review.

These words are often followed by, “You could make a lot of money if you sign up under me and then get all your members to join.”

Not only is this a big turn-off, but some of the programs that are brought to us are brand new with absolutely no history of success. Or, they’re missing too many details that we have no way of verifying.

Then there are others, which are rock-solid business opportunities, but their traditional MLM business model, product or service may not be a fit for us.

Because there are so many business opportunities we’re exposed to on a regular basis, we’ve established the following set of qualifications / requirements for any member who wants to share a program like this with us:

1. You’ve been in the program for a minimum of 1 year and have earned a net profit.

2. You can provide us with details about the company and how the program works (hyped up marketing videos don’t count).

3. Furthermore, you can explain exactly what kind of marketing you’ve done to earn a profit and what the real costs to join are.

If you’re able to meet the above requirements…

please reach out to let us know