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We invite you to join us... if you're tired of having to wade through fluff-filled financial research that focuses on boring economic data and political ideology, just to be able to find unique places you can earn above average returns on your money.

Or, if you're sick 'n tired of wondering what money-making system, program, or opportunity is legit.  Or, what resource or person is viable, and can help you accelerate your quest for financial independence.

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We eat, sleep, and breathe the quest for finding off-the-beaten-path methods to make and multiple money.

We do preliminary due-diligence — i.e., test the waters, make the calls, send out the inquiry letters, put our money to work on a myriad of things we're researching. Then, we report on what we're up to... What we know... and… Who we know.

Investors First. Editors Second. 

Together with our behind-the-scenes “brain-trust” network, we’re a combination of prudent speculators (risk-tolerant investors), money researchers,  and financial journalists who challenge conventional wisdom and refuse to support the status quo on what "wealth-building" and "retirement" is supposed to mean.|

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Realizing early on I wasn't cut out for life in a cubicle (or taking orders from others), I've made a living on my own terms since 1993 as a freelance artist, investor, algo-trader, & online entrepreneur.
I am a seasoned (old school?) support and logistical behind-the-scenes maestro. A natural community manager at heart. Uncommon wealth-building tactics are my jam.